Lehi Skilled Nursing Facility

06-15-17 Update
Lehi SNF Medical
05-04-17 Update
Lehi SNF Medical – In Area A, construction cleaning is nearly complete; data, communication, access control, and nurse call installations are ongoing; roller shade install is nearly complete, and water testing on all plumbing fixtures is complete. Area B’s exterior truss wrap stain and seal is complete, along with sheet vinyl, carpet, and LVT flooring; electrical, plumbing, and HVAC finish are nearly complete. Area C’s carpet in complete; water testing on all plumbing fixtures is ongoing. Steel trellises on the storage shed and outside Area B are painted; grading is nearly complete, as well as underground irrigation installation and sidewalk and site concrete placement.
04-13-17 Update
In Area A, HVAC is complete with door and hardware nearlyfinished; divider curtain track installation has begun; with PTAC unit and RTU start-up complete; as well as carpet and LVT installation complete. Area B’s exterior truss wrap stain and seal is underway; painting is complete; with vinyl flooring, wall coverings, and casework installation ongoing. Area C’s HVAC and LVT flooring is complete, along with PTAC unit and RTU start-up complete; with door and hardware installation and patient room divider tracks underway. Steel trellises have been installed at the Storage Shed and Area B building exterior; trash enclosure gates are painted, with landscape retaining walls installed and fire-pit/patio concrete nearly completed.
02-16-17 Update
Lehi SNF Medical – In Area A, interior paint is nearly complete; electrical and plumbing finish is ongoing; ceramic tile and casework has begun; and counter-top/sink installation is ongoing in patient rooms. Area B’s entrance canopy is being installed, along with drywall, main entry door systems installation, and kitchen tile installation. Area C’s painting, electrical and plumbing finish is ongoing, with ceramic title and casework installation ongoing.
1-26-17 Update
Lehi SNF Medical – In Area A, paint is completed in the patient rooms; electrical finish and floor prep is ongoing; finish plumbing is underway and the patient room vanity cabinets are installed. Area B’s MEPF rough-ins are ongoing, as well as drywall; storefront windows are installed; with parapet cap, soffit, and fascia being installed. Roof mounted mechanical equipment has been installed.
12-22-16 Update
Lehi SNF Medical - In Area A, the drywall install is nearing completion with texturing being performed and siding installation ongoing. Area B’s partition framing and structural steel are complete, along with the fabrication of the trusses. Installation of the trusses is scheduled for next week. Area C’s electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete, along with HVAC and fire suppression rough-ins; insulation install has begun with drywall underway. The shed roof is scheduled for next week, as well as the overhead door. Grading and exporting of soil is ongoing, with the Ready Rock retaining wall being installed.
10-6-16 Update
SNF Medical – Roof trusses are installed with blocking and roof sheathing and framing, electrical and plumbing rough-ins underway in Area A. In Area B structural steel is complete and partial framing is underway. In Area C structural steel is complete with framing underway. Domestic and fire suppression water lines are complete with the storm water detention system being installed. Foundation backfill of the storage shed, dumpster enclosure, and transformer enclosure is in process.
The exterior wood framing has begun in one area of the facility, with under-slab plumbing complete and under-slab electrical being installed in another area, and the last of the under-slab plumbing being installed in a third area. The storm drain system installation is on-going and the first 450’ of power and communication conduit has been placed. Footings for the storage shed, dumpster enclosure, and transformer enclosure will be placed this week.
Lehi SNF - Footings and foundation, along with underground plumbing and electric, are being installed, as well as the sewer system. Trenching for installation of the utility lines will begin in the next few weeks.